Susan Armijo-Olivo (Alemania)

Susan Armijo-Olivo

Bachelor of Physical Therapy, Pontifical University Catholic of Chile, Bachelor in Sciences (Physical Therapy), Catholic University of Maule, Master of Science in Physical Therapy, University of Alberta, PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Alberta.

Postdoctoral Training in Musculoskeletal Disorders, University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Postdoctoral Training in Evidence based Practice, Knowledge Synthesis, and Clinical Epidemiology, University of Alberta ARCHE / Nursing.

My area of research focuses on Musculoskeletal (MSK) Disorders and MSK pain and specifically jaw pain, neck pain, and headaches. These conditions affect most commonly women. I am interested in understanding how musculoskeletal chronic pain affects women and also to determine the best treatment strategies to manage chronic MSK to improve women’s health and quality of life. Thus the information gathered from this line of research will directly have implications on women suffering from chronic MSK pain.